Facebook Locator App

Does your company have a facebook page?

Would you like to display your store locations on your facebook page like this?

Our geo targeting technology dynamically generates a map of your locations near your fan and displays them in graphical form with a custom look to match your design. The facebook store locator app is fully searchable without leaving facebook and uses the same data as the website version. Try it!

sample facebook locator app page

Graphics, colors and size can be customized.

We think the app looks amazing on Facebook! Thank you for your speed and amazing customer service! I cannot believe how quickly you pulled this off.

– Robin Gonci, Assistant Brand Manager – Pasta Prima

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Facebook app is available as an option for our standard service, or stand alone. Option cost is $400 for the first year, and $150/year after the first or, stand alone is $1,100 for the first year, and $350/year after the first.

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