Your Locations

The entire system is built around your location data. There is no limit on the number of locations, or the number of searches, and any location that you can pin to a map will work in our system, world wide, and in any language.

Initially, you supply us the data in a spreadsheet or comma-separated values (CSV) file containing your locations and any information you want to display (address, city, state, zip, and country should be in separate fields, with a maximum of 20 fields, each record on a separate line. The system is built to match this data file and field order. Once the system is built, you will be able to upload and edit your own data. See admin details.

We can optionally build the system so that it imports your data automatically from an existing on-line database source to our system (additional charges apply, please contact us for details). Data input services are also available (additional charges apply, please contact us for details).