Geocoding Process

All records that you want to show up in searches and be displayed on the map need to have coordinates in the system (latitude, and longitude) calculated. This process is called geocoding.

Geocoding takes place automatically when you add a single record, but when you upload records from a file there are several steps. Each of these steps is detailed during the process, but you must read the messages for each step, and follow the instructions carefully.

Generally the process works like this;

upload file

– replace (overwrite) the current data – or
– add (append) to the current data


– If this data appears in the correct format (field order matches), here to begin the geocoding process
– If anything went wrong, click to restore your previous data and try again.


– part 1 – restores the cache (previously geocoded records are quickly restored from our caching system).
– part 2 – when the caching is finished you will receive a message indicating that you need to click next to go to the next step in the process.  Please be patient, as each record takes up to 10 seconds to geocode the first time.
– part 3 – manually review any records that were not geocoded on the ‘geocoding’ page. (see Verify the address is correct)

Review for Duplicates

You should always review your records for duplicates after uploading a file. From the “other” tab click on “Remove duplicate records”.

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