Address Mapping Point

Addresses are displayed on the map based on the Latitude and Longitude listed for them in your database. If an address in your database in not displaying where you would expect it to, you should;

Verify the record has been geocoded accurately. Check the Geocoding Accuracy value under the map on the edit page for this location in your admin system.

Clear Cache
After saving the record on the edit page, if the “from cache” indicator appears try clearing the cache by checking “clear cache and re-check“. This will force the system to re-check to see if a more accurate gecoding can be found.

Verify the address is correct.

Address quality is usually the problem. One simple way to do this yourself is to search for the address at – you can usually find suggestions for improperly formatted addresses.  Another option is to consult with the postal service in your area, or the address verification tool at the

Example: A record with 123 Main Street, Lincoln, NE might automatically be geocoded at 123 Main St Lincoln, ME 04457 (the best match available automatically) because there is no such address. But searching at Google maps will give you several options to choose from that may be more accurate.

Verify that your county field data is using the valid two letter county code (ISO Alpha-2) for the country. See the list here.

Note: Non-physical street address information should not be in address1.  Use address2 or your notes field to list suite numbers, cross streets, etc.

Try something different. Sometimes you will need to leave off a ZIP or Postal Code to get the address to geocode automatically.

Manually Set the Latitude and Longitude. If the address can not be automatically geocoded, you can override the address by editing that record in the admin system and manually setting a Latitude and Longitude of your choice. How to find a Latitude and Longitude.

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